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• Well Registration • Emission Factors ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE AND TESTING EXPERTS ASPEN CONSULTING & TESTING p: (406) 457-5188, f: (406) 449-7072 • Regulatory Compliance • Production NGA Testing and GC Analytical Results Delivered in Days. Lower Prices Good for US Economy Natural Gas is the energy market that has helped domestic businesses and consumers with lower prices which has benefited the overall US economy, while the domestic oil market which should be helping US consumers and businesses more, is being pegged higher due to the exporting of products. This gets even worse for US Consumers and businesses if the Oil Export Ban is relaxed. Somebody Wins, Somebody Loses In effect, this results in the following scenario: US Consumers & Busi- nesses pay higher prices, US Domestic Oil becomes more expensive due to widening the marketplace for exports, and Global Oil becomes cheaper for international consumers. This process just becomes a gi- ant wealth transfer, another tax, a busi- ness subsidy from the US Consumer & Businesses that utilize domestic energy to foreigners and companies exporting said products to these international consumers. Let`s just be consistent: Lift all Exporting Bans While the government is at it let us just lift any Natural Gas bans on exporting, and just raise costs all along the energy input continuum for 2014. I am sure Dow Chemical will love this outcome and open up more manufacturing ca- pacity here in the United States. Profits will be great for those who benefit from the aforementioned changes to energy export bans. But those business inter- ests who rely on energy input for opera- tions will be hurt from this legislative change, and so will US Consumers. I am sure these same gulf coast petro- refiners will have no problem with also lifting the export bans on any natural ➤ continued on pg 40

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