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Read online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / d i g i t a l - j o u r n a l 29 Dickinson, ND // 701-225-3330 Williston, ND // 701-572-9352 Minot, ND // 701-839-7977 welding, medical, specialty and beverage gases welding supplies, safety supplies abrasives, tooling Full Service Distributor with quality proDuctS at a Fair price 1. What is the term commonly used to refer to the act of deviating a well bore to head in the direction desired? A. Advanced angle drilling B. Miracle drilling C. Directional drilling D. Deviated septum drilling 2. What is the name commonly given to the liquid used in drilling a well? A. Syrup B. Mud C. Whole milk D. Black gold 3. What is the name commonly given to the Oil Company representative who is present while drilling is taking place? A. The Tool Pusher B. The Head Well Digger C. The Company Man D. The Offshore Installation Manager 4. What is the name given to an offshore drilling rig? A. All are names given to an offshore drilling rig B. Jack-up C. Semi-submersible D. Drill ship 5. When oil is "struck", it usually produces a spout which reaches 150 feet or more above the sur- face of the ground A. True B. False 6. What is the name given to the workers who work on a drilling rig drill floor? A. Roughnecks B. Tong Operators C. Tool Pushers D. Yahoos 7. What type of formations are oil and gas usually found in? A. Shale B. Sulfur C. Granite D. Sand The Bakken Oil Business Journal Oil QUIZ 8. What is the name given to the tall, main structure of a drilling rig? A. The stand pipe B. The bridge C. The derrick D. The Jacob's ladder 9. It smells like rotten eggs, and one good whiff of it in high con- centrations will kill you instant- ly. It is sometimes encountered in formations while drilling for oil. A. Hydrogen Peroxide B. Hydrogen Sulfide C. Sodium Sulfide D. Boric Hydroxide 10. What is the term used for when the pressure of an oil or gas well overcomes the hydrostatic pres- sure exerted on it by the drilling fluid while drilling? A. A wash out B. An outflow C. A spew out C. A kick Answers: see page 56 Bob van der Valk is the Senior Editor of the Bakken Oil Business Journal and can be contacted at: By: BOB VAN DER VALK

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