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Read online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / d i g i t a l - j o u r n a l 29 1-855-CONTAIN (1-855-266-8246) 8" EZ Grab Pipe Stand • Holds 2"-8" pipes • Can hold 2,000 lbs. 12" EZ Grab Pipe Stand • Holds 8"-12" pipes • Can hold 2,000 lbs. $ 59.99 EACH $ 46.99 EACH PURCHASE 100 Or More EZ Grab Pipe Stands & Receive FREE SHIPPING! P5 Year Warranties! PEasy To Grab PEasier Repositioning PLess Manual Labor PWon't Deteriorate PHigh Visibility SPECIAL PRICING ENDS JUNE 1, 2015. PURCHASE OF A MINIMUM 100 EZ GRAB PIPE STANDS REQUIRED FOR FREE SHIPPING. much I did not know and how I need to be more committed to speaking up," was always thrilling. It was the yearlong process of tak- ing spOILed to theaters across the country that got me thinking more deeply about energy and language. By talking, reading and studying the poi nt where energy and language converge, it became clear to me that our manner of communicating about energy is both wrong and deceptive. For example, why are oil, gas and coal called fossil fuels? The word "fuel" is incredibly limiting and inac- curate. Oil is not just fuel in the tank; it's found throughout the vehicle in the form of paint, tires, hoses, up- holstery, lighting and lightweight plastic parts. Oil is part of almost everything in the modern world. You might be surprised to hear it, but few people outside the industry have any idea how deeply oil is imbedded in our lives. If we all knew, perhaps we wouldn't be so willing to accept the idea that oil is destroying a lifestyle that wouldn't exist without it. There are many other terms that are deceptive and dangerous as well— phrases such as "climate change denier," "mother nature," "alterna- tive energy," "black gold" and "all of the above". My upcoming film, Fractured, makes a direct assault on these terms and others as it exposes the people and tactics behind the public's fractured misunderstanding of oil— the most life-enhancing re- source we have. It's not going to be as pretty as Kim Kardashian's back- side, however it will be a whole lot more compelling.n Mark Mathis is a former TV news reporter/ anchor turned media consultant, energy analyst, author and filmmaker., ➤ continued from pg 23 g S h A T T e R i n

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