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Read online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / d i g i t a l - j o u r n a l 17 ➤ continued, pg 18 EPA FRIENDLY GAS DRYING SOLUTIONS Looking for a cost effective way to dry your natural gas stream? At DRY ROCK, we have the solution to eliminating out dated GLYCOL UNITS with our NATURAL GAS DEHYDRATION SYSTEMS. We manufacture and service what we sell. 979-553-3050 FULL LINE OF CONTROL VALVES - PARTS & SERVICE > Eliminates emissions of hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds. > Does not require a permit. > Most competitive pricing on desiccants. > Financing available on most units. 23111 F.M. 1462 Damon, Texas 77430 The U.S. is fortunate in this regard because it has a large volume of low-cost, naturally occurring CO2 at its disposal; however, in order to be widely employed the infrastructure to deliver it to oil fields has to be in place. Visiongain estimates that global CO2 EOR spending will be $4.74 billion this year. "This will decline in the short term as low oil prices take their toll on the capital spending programmes of CO2 EOR op- erators, but is expected to rise rapidly in the next decade." Then we have something a bit more futuristic, even though it is al- ready commercially viable—Plasma Pulse Technology, or PPT. This is a patent pending technology that enables the "re-opening" of wells without water, without polluting chemicals and without caus- ing earthquakes. The "re-opening" side of this equation means that it doesn't open rock like fracking, rather it comes in afterwards and cleans up well bores to clear the pathway for oil to flow faster and more efficiently to the surface like it once did. Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) creates a controlled plasma arc within a vertical well, generating a tremendous amount of heat for a fraction of a second, while the subsequent high-speed hydraulic impulse wave emitted is strong enough to remove any clogged sedi- mentation from the perforation zone without damaging the steel casing. The series of impulse waves also penetrates deep into the reservoir, which re-opens reservoir permeability for up to a year per treatment. But to determine what new EOR technology is going to steal the limelight in the coming months and years, we follow the progress of the EOR leaders and the big strategic investors, such as Russian billion- aire Roman Abramovich. The market leader in extracting oil and gas us- ing CO2 enhanced oil recovery processes is Den- bury Resources (NYSE:DNR), which many will agree is a company that offers investors long- term value because of its focus on efficiency. As for Abramovich, he is a metals magnate who also happens to own the Chelsea football club and is the 143rd wealthiest person in the world, worth about $9 billion according to Forbes. He is the main owner of UK-registered Millhouse LLC, a private investment company whose as- sets have included major stakes in Sibneft, which is now Gazprom Neft. In 2005, Millhouse sold a 72 percent stake in Sibneft to Gazprom for more than $13 billion. In fact, PPT first caught our eye back in Febru- ary, when Abramovich—who has a track record of very strategic investments--moved to invest $15 million in a Houston-based company called Propell Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC:PROP). ➤ continued pg 18

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