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➤ continued, pg 28 Access Control • Intrusion Alarm • Video Surveillance • Communications • Service & Support Protecting People and Property Integrated Systems that Reduce Risk for Business • Free Risk Assessment: (800) 365-5625 SECURITY The Industry Standard For Regional Focus, National Capability OIL & GAS At the beginning of December 2015, leaders from almost every nation in the world met in Paris to discuss Climate Change and to create plans aimed at re- ducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. They believe the failure to cut back on carbon emissions – greenhouse gases – will lead to a glob- al temperature increase that would un- leash an existential crisis upon human- ity. In their view, the crisis point would be reached if global temperatures rise two degrees Celsius. The calamity they foresee includes devastating weather patterns, including seas that rise as po- lar ice melts. Nothing short of an apoca- lypse of Biblical proportions. In their more restrained moments, per- haps they recall something Mark Twain was supposed to have said, "Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it." No longer. This time some people have gotten serious. Leaders everywhere are alarming the public by claiming the fu- ture of mankind is threatened by certain human activities involving the combus- tion of fossil fuels, activities including driving cars, flying planes, generating electricity, manufacturing goods, con- structing roads and buildings, growing food, warming ourselves when tempera- tures are low, cooling ourselves when temperatures are high and much more. In short, all the activities that propel and define a modern economy. They say if we continue living as we've lived we'll soon perish, victims of our own success, vic- tims of our own excess. Therefore, they believe we have to take some strong medicine to save ourselves. Their remedy? The people who have de- clared the climate is in peril want us to By CHRIS BISCHOF return to an earlier time, a time when we used far less energy, when we didn't burn coal, oil and natural gas. With that in mind, they issued edicts, proc- lamations, deadlines and more as they urge the world to start the process of "de-carbonizing." They have put a lot of effort into their work. Thus, when the Paris Conference of Parties, known as COP21, was over, the participants congratulated them- selves as though it was July 1969 and they had just landed Neil Armstrong on the moon and watched him say "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." However, putting a man on the moon is a breeze compared to controlling the climate on Earth. Controlling the climate is a challenge best characterized by the triumphant words of one relieved COP21 participant. Ian Frye, lead negotiator for the tiny Pacific island of Tuvalu said, "We firmly believe we have saved Tuvalu, and in doing so, believe we have saved the world." Save Tuvalu and save the world? Wow. Cue Holly- wood. How many movies have ended with those words? To be more specific, Frye, and repre- sentatives of about 195 other nations, believe the adoption of the agreements made at the Paris Climate Conference would stop the melting of ice in Ant- arctica and Greenland that would other- wise release enough water to submerge Tuvalu and other low-lying areas. However, it should surprise no one that such ambitious plans are expensive. How expensive? Meanwhile, is keep- ing the island above sea-level worth it? One more point. It appears that fight- ing climate change requires the cre- ation of many committees and other for TUVALU TRILLIONS Read online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / d i g i t a l - j o u r n a l 27

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