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Read online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / d i g i t a l - j o u r n a l 11 business" as promoting it; well-funded, well organized, and (you better believe it) just as lawyered up as the companies that employ manual laborers. Sue and settle deals between pseudo- environmental groups and federal agen- cies like the EPA are how these groups survive. They're in the conflict industry, prospering at the expense of the working class. One project and thousands of jobs stopped equates to large payouts to the groups protesting and, more accurately, litigating against them. Lawsuits and obstruction to developmental progress leaves thousands of American workers unemployed, unable to provide for them- selves or their families and incapable of extracting or developing the materials that provide for everyone. working class greens t a k e o n t h e ‚ě§ continued from pg 9 As wonderful as the slogans and protest themes may sound, nothing good can come from pitting human activity against the environment- use vs. non-use. In the words of Corb Lund; When the oil stops, everything stops, nothin' left in the fountain Nobody wants paper money, son, so you just as well stop countin' Can you break the horse, can you light the fire? What's that, I beg your pardon? You'd best start thinkin' where your food comes from and I hope you tend a good garden When the trucks don't run, the bread won't come, have a hard time findin' petrol Water ain't runnin' in the city no more, do you hold any precious metal? Can you gut the fish, can you read the sky? What's that about overcrowdin'? You ever seen a man who's kids ain't ate for seventeen days and countin'? -Gettin' Down on the Mountain Jessica Sena is currently under contract with a variety of clients in the natural resource development industry. She has worked with trade associations and private companies to fulfill project-specific and sustaining contracts related to public and government affairs.

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