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Buyer's Guide online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / B A K K E N - C O M PA N I E S / 21 S P E C I A L S E C T I O N – O I L & G A S C O M P A N Y H I G H L I G H T S O F 2 0 1 7 THE MOMENT IS NOW inet-now Track worker and instrument status even when you're away from the office thanks to real-time text messages, email alerts, and a live map accessible from any web-connected device. Introducing iNet ® Now Live Monitoring Gas hazards are invisible, but your people don't have to be. In September 2017, Industrial Scientific released iNet® Now Live Monitoring Software. iNet Now monitors worker location, environment, and status in real time. If a worker encounters a gas hazard, becomes immobilized, or acti- vates the panic alarm, text and email alerts are sent to designated contacts. These alerts even include a map of Industrial Scientific Introduces iNet® Now Live Monitoring Software the area. By using iNet Now, workers can have peace of mind that potentially dangerous conditions or situations will be escalated to someone who can take action. iNet Now provides several advantages that lead to better overall safety and productivity: • A live map displays the status and location of workers, eliminating the cost and time it takes to complete manual check-in processes • Automated alerts are activated when emergency situations occur, triggering responders and equipping them with a detailed under- standing of the situation iNet Now is compatible with all LENS™ Wireless devices, including the Ventis® Pro Series and Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitors. The combination of LENS Wireless and iNet Now makes it easier than ever to see the state of both wearable gas detectors and area monitors as they are deployed across work teams. See iNet Now in action at ■ COMPANY: Industrial Scientific

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