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➤ continued, next page In the days leading up to last year's presidential election, Americans heard that electing Donald Trump to the presidency would damage the US and put the entire world in grave danger. That message was ham- mered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It came from every media venue. But despite the non-stop anti-Trump barrage, he won. His surprise victory was followed by another flood of predictions. The sore losers among the Democrats then released their prophesies for Trumpian calamity. It's true, the Trump presidency has been anything but calm. At times it has been tumultuous and nerve-wracking. But there is no doubt President Trump is shaking up the establishment. For better or worse, things will never be like they were. Can we assess his performance? Sure. Let's start with something that was not among his campaign promises – the soaring stock market. On November 8, 2016, election day, the Dow Jones Industrial Av- erage closed at 18,332. In those closing moments of the cam- paign, voter sentiment favored Hillary Clinton. Surprise, surprise. Trump won. A year later, on November 8, 2017, the Dow closed at 23,557, up more than 28 percent for the 12 months. Not bad. The stock market averages – the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard & Poor's 500 Index – are proxies for the ex- pectations of investors. The numbers reflect investor sentiment, and the sentiment is positive. Trump campaigned on promises to improve the economy by luring jobs back to the US, by lowering taxes and by improving trade relations. He has clearly moved toward achiev- ing these goals. Moreover, in 2017, stock markets around the world have risen to new records or multiyear peaks. The broad rally is a result of wide- spread global economic recovery. A combination of higher corpo- rate earnings, growing economies and healthy monetary policies. Take that, naysayers! NATIONAL SECURITY President Trump now controls the vast US security apparatus. His crit- ics are alarmed. They shouldn't be. He has repeatedly stated his belief that America needs to be a safer place. He has openly named a chief threat: radical Islamic terror. To mini- mize the threat, the president has attempted to impose a travel ban on people from several Islamic nations. His earliest attempts were over- ruled by federal judges. But recently, his efforts to ban most citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea from entering the US were upheld. "As president, I must act to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people," Mr. Trump said. He added we will main- tain the policies until the problematic governments "satisfactorily T RU M P I NG N A Y S A Y E R S by: CHRIS BISCHOF Photo by Renae Mitchell - Read online @ B A K K E N O I L B I Z . C O M / d i g i t a l - j o u r n a l 9

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